Vision, Mission, Aims & Values


Our overall vision is of a Belfast in which today's interface communities:

  • Are free of tension, intimidation and violence both within and between communities;
  • Have come to terms with legacies of the past;
  • Are socially and economically vibrant, within an attractive physical environment;
  • Enjoy freedom of movement in accessing facilities and services;
  • Have respect for cultural difference and diversity.


Belfast Interface Project is a membership organisation which aims to support the development of creative approaches towards the regeneration of Belfast's interface areas.


  • To influence policy and advocate for change;
  • To advocate with agencies and others in order to address issues of safety in interface communities;
  • To support interface communities to develop positive relationships;
  • To ensure that membership remains reflective of interface communities and that the organisation is managed efficiently and effectively.


Through promoting:

  • mutual understanding;
  • the aquisition and dissemination of new knowledge;
  • respect and tolerance;
  • shared ownership of common issues, concerns, resources and opportunities;
  • creativity and innovation;
  • equality and accountability, self-help and mutual support.
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