Youth Intervention Project

The Youth Intervention Project aims to deliver a city-wide and strategically focused youth intervention programme with geographically based interface clusters across Belfast which will develop cross-community and cross-sectoral partnerships in specific interface cluster areas, reduce youth led interface violence, and address youth alienation and disaffection in interface areas. The project seeks to develop a co-ordinated approach to youth intervention which moves from the current annual crisis intervention approach towards a year round process of positive youth-centred inter-community development support. The project will identify support provision of diversionary activities, particularly at times when young people are vulnerable to exposure to interface violence, and will also facilitate the delivery of support and development work which re-engages young people with the communities they live in through maximising community, voluntary and statutory engagement.

  • Cluster based: By developing a cluster based approach, the project will promote cross-community working at a local level within the city.
  • Establish 8 cluster partnerships in 30-35 interface areas.
  • Conduct 8 scoping exercises to explore community, voluntary and statutory provision in cluster areas and identification in gaps in provision.
  • Facilitate planning sessions; initiate development of cluster action plans and exploration of opportunities for enhanced joined-up approaches.
  • Development of 8 cluster action plans; co-ordinated programmes to address youth violence; a year round proactive planned method rather than a crisis based approach.
  • Project development and funding support to enable implementation of action plans.
  • 4 shared learning seminars; knowledge of model on a regional and cross-border basis.
  • 1 practice to policy report produced.





This project supported by the PEACE III Programme managed for the Special EU Programmes Body by the Community Relations Council/Pobal Consortium.

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