The Inner East Outer West Project


The project will facilitate groups of hard-to-reach young people, involved in problem anti-social behaviour within their areas, as well as adult residents, from East Belfast protestant / unionist / loyalist (PUL) interface areas and Short Strand, Suffolk and Lenadoon areas to meet through a facilitated contact programme, to identify and exchange perspectives and attitudes regarding their identities, and to develop positive relationships.

The project aims to:

  • Develop relationships across interfaces in Inner East and Outer West Belfast.
  • Develop collaborative working relationships amongst community and voluntary groups across   each interface and between areas, and with BCC's Youth Engagement Programme.
  • Increase levels of mobility amongst project participants.
  • Reduce levels of inter-community tension and violence at these interfaces

The project will create opportunities for interaction and discussion of issues relating to conflict and division on a cross-interface basis and 'East meets West' of the city basis, including opportunities to visit each other's area.  

The Inner East Outer West Project has 6 key partner organisations:

  • Ballymac Friendship Trust
  • Exit
  • Short Strand Community Forum
  • Doyle Youth Club under the auspices of Short Strand Community Forum
  • Suffolk Lenadoon Interface Group
  • Belfast Interface Project



This project is supported under the Belfast PEACE III Plan by the European Union’s European Regional Development Fund through the PEACE III Programme

Belfast City Council   Community Relations Council European Union Peace 3
Lloyds TSB Foundation NI   A project supported by PEACE III Programme
managed for the Special EU Programmes Body
by the Community Relations Council/Pobal Consortium